Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Come Let Us Create Our Own god.

The dissatisfied gathered to tell of their woes.
Our enemy worships a God we do not like.
Our enemy tries to convert us!
This God of the enemy is far too judgmental.
He is not fair, cried some.
He is not real, thought most.

Let us make a god of our own.
He will be powerful!

Shall we give him the answers?
NO- he will not tell us what to do.
He will stand for what is right.
NO- he will not tell us then what is wrong.
Shall he stand for justice?
NO- he will not judge us.
Will he crush our enemies?
NO- our god will only love.
Will he die for us?
They laughed, what kind of god would do that?

He will give us what we want,
He will accept us for who we are.

A time of great trouble came,
a time of great war.
 The dissatisfied called upon their god.
What shall we do?
But, their god had no answers.
Fight for us! Defend us
But, their god could not.
Why do you not destroy our enemies?
This is not fair!

They began to turn upon each other,
to war within themselves.
Blame and quarrel, then fists and weapons,
they tore each other apart.
Their god stood by and gave them what they wanted.

Much time had passed.
The end of the war came,
most did not survive.

They stood before the God of the others, the God they had mocked.
A God who stood for justice, a God who judged.
A God with the answers,  a God they could trust.
He is real they thought.

Your sin stands between you and I, said this God.
You must pay the penalty, you must set things right.
We cannot they cried, it is not fair!
Is it fair that your enemy should pay for his sins?
Oh Yes! that is fair.
Your enemy has a God that died for them,
My son, their God has paid for their sin.

Why did they not tell us?
They did. You would not hear.
Why did we not listen?
You created a god that gave you what you wanted,
a god that would not tell you what was right and wrong.
You created a god that was powerless.

Abandoned they stood....

Where is your god?
They looked around....
their god was not there.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sonday- Why is God in your Politics?(Imported from Southern Belle With Northern Roots

 Why do you always bring religion into politics?
The question put forth by both those opposed to God as well as the nominal Christian, "God belongs in church and no where else!"
Easy to say if you don't know God for who he says he is, if the bible is a mere storybook. Sing a hymn on Sunday and by Sunday evening make damn sure he stayed in church and isn't around telling us what to do in our homes, our schools, our businesses  and in our politics.
If God does not exist to you then you may mock the very thought of the big guy in the sky and those who believe in him. You may instead worship the earth, global warming, society or the big book of "How to do Whatever I Please."
Those who leave their fate to chance have no desire for any imposed absolute moral standard to govern them.

A believer in Christ lives a life governed by and subject to a holy creator.
A believer knows apart from Christ he can do nothing. John 15
He believes the word of Christ dwells within him Col 3:16, and Christ himself lives in him. Eph 3:17.
A believer in Christ knows God establishes all government, Romans 13.
Therefore, they do not live their lives or vote apart from God.
 When a person becomes a parent, their whole life changes, they think in ways they never did before, always knowing their words and decisions effect their children. They begin to anticipate how things will be in the future, it would be safe to say they could not live, discuss or vote in a manner in which they cease to be a parent.
Just as a persons ethnicity, culture and backgrounds factor into their voting, they vote towards ideas and candidates that "fit" into who they are or who they wish to become.
So it is for a Christian, a true believer in Christ and in the bible, he cannot remove God to go vote or to debate an issue. Even if they would not speak his name, his very presence withing them is a part of their thoughts, words and actions. Still acting as fallible human beings guided by the Holy Spirit, this Christian is never separate from God, just as a non believing voter brings in to the voting booth their opinions, beliefs and entire history which has formed them into the person they are.

Law is overwhelmingly, some would say completely based upon biblical principles. Stealing, murder, and the treatment of others are all set before us as laws of the land and laws of God. As a people we demand justice, we depend on it.
A problem arises when we define just , and by who's standards. What is fair and who says so?
The answer is either an absolute authority or the court of public opinion, subject to  whim, emotion and agenda.
Lest it be argued God is not just because of the evil in the world, or the rampant sin, slavery and other challenging issues, keep in mind, the bible's core truth is man is sinful. Sin, slavery, abuse all stem from mankind and we demand justice for it. Correct? So do you curse God because he allows it? Do you blame him? If so, you have just admitted he exists.
Scripture is full of examples of those who followed after God and the mistakes they made as well as those who reject him and curse him.
The final outcome is justice, ultimate justice based on an absolute truth, God is God, man is not. Man wrongs others and God demands justice, man wrongs God and God demands justice. Everyone will be held accountable for every word, for every action, that is just.
Fair? NO
Fair would be everyone would pay equally for their iniquities, but someone, Christ, paid for those who shall be called his. Completely unfair.
Those who reject him will pay for their own sins, that is after all....fair.

So if God is who he says he is, he is not separate from our lives, our conversations, our debates or our voting. You may wish to try and exclude him if you like, but he exists outside of Sunday morning and the next time you need him, when life stinks, when death is at your door and fear overwhelms you...he will be there too.

This was originally posted on my A Southern Belle With Northern Roots blog and has been copied and transferred by me, the author.