Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Come Let Us Create Our Own god.

The dissatisfied gathered to tell of their woes.
Our enemy worships a God we do not like.
Our enemy tries to convert us!
This God of the enemy is far too judgmental.
He is not fair, cried some.
He is not real, thought most.

Let us make a god of our own.
He will be powerful!

Shall we give him the answers?
NO- he will not tell us what to do.
He will stand for what is right.
NO- he will not tell us then what is wrong.
Shall he stand for justice?
NO- he will not judge us.
Will he crush our enemies?
NO- our god will only love.
Will he die for us?
They laughed, what kind of god would do that?

He will give us what we want,
He will accept us for who we are.

A time of great trouble came,
a time of great war.
 The dissatisfied called upon their god.
What shall we do?
But, their god had no answers.
Fight for us! Defend us
But, their god could not.
Why do you not destroy our enemies?
This is not fair!

They began to turn upon each other,
to war within themselves.
Blame and quarrel, then fists and weapons,
they tore each other apart.
Their god stood by and gave them what they wanted.

Much time had passed.
The end of the war came,
most did not survive.

They stood before the God of the others, the God they had mocked.
A God who stood for justice, a God who judged.
A God with the answers,  a God they could trust.
He is real they thought.

Your sin stands between you and I, said this God.
You must pay the penalty, you must set things right.
We cannot they cried, it is not fair!
Is it fair that your enemy should pay for his sins?
Oh Yes! that is fair.
Your enemy has a God that died for them,
My son, their God has paid for their sin.

Why did they not tell us?
They did. You would not hear.
Why did we not listen?
You created a god that gave you what you wanted,
a god that would not tell you what was right and wrong.
You created a god that was powerless.

Abandoned they stood....

Where is your god?
They looked around....
their god was not there.

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