Saturday, March 19, 2011

From a Friend in Japan

I wanted to pass along an update from a friend in Japan.
It has been one week since I wrote, 
"As I watch the news my heart is breaking for the people of Japan who are lost and without Christ.  Please pray that God will use this to bring millions to Himself." 

My heart is still breaking but we are here, healthy and rapidly developing a plan to engage our Japanese contacts, friends and neighbors with the message of the Gospel.  This morning I was on the phone with Jim Bowden our Cadence Missionary colleague located in Tokyo.  As we shared notes concerning what was happening in our respective locations, he shared a comment that was made by one of the Japanese folks he knows concerning what the Japanese are saying  on the streets about this disaster and the simple phrase that came out was:
"Divine Judgment"
That is an amazing statement considering that a Buddhist has no real frame work for God, but it speaks volumes concerning their sensitivity to and openness for a discussion of the Gospel message. What a privilege to be here at this moment in history and to have the only true words of Hope from God Himself.

If you love someone and you know that a Tsunami is heading toward them, then you will do everything you can to warn them.  Spiritually, as sinners we are all facing a "Tsunami" of judgment by a holy and just God and our only hope of rescue is in the shed blood of Christ, our dear risen Savior. We know the way to safety and our love for these precious people compels us to sound the alarm and lead as many as we can to divine rescue. 

We are humbled that all of us together can prayerfully and financially partner in this great work.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit will guide us to those who are buried in the rubble of sin and hopelessness.


Rick, for the both of us.


  1. Wonderful to here news like this and yes, we need to try to see with our spiritual eyes.