Sunday, June 20, 2010

Be Thou My Vision

When cancer knocks at your door
    takes over your life by attacking the one you hold dear,
      takes over your plans
 When retirement becomes....pills, appointments.....transfusions and infusions......fatigue.

Be Thou My Vision

Your child wanders......strays
   flirting with the dark and the empty
 that darkness invades their mind and clouds their vision.
   suffocating them,   reaching into other lives.......

Be Thou My Vision

When someone who knows better, someone you have come to love
   willingly walks away.
  leaving behind their best gifts,
      their joy
         their peace
When you want to yank them back and Yell    WHY?

Be Thou My Vision.

When others, small and frail need you
everything you have to give
   your time
     your patience
        your heart
          your very breath
Despite your own give it all.

 Be Thou My Vision

When we focus on ourselves, all the tasks and challenges at hand,
 we can lose hope
     feel despair
Cast our eyes upon Christ
Lord of our heart               High King of Heaven
and all things are possible

They are still hard
 still sad
   still tiring.

             Be thou my battle sheild, sword for the fight:
           Be thou my dignity, Thou my delight
          Thou my soul's shelter, Thou my high tower:
      Raise Thou me heavenward, o power of my power.    (verse 3)

This is dedicated to my friend, my step mother, my sister in Christ......Rachel
For all the obstacles in her path that tried to trip her up....
     Her vision was not clouded.
           Her eyes were on Christ. 
               His strength became hers
                  His truth, she trusts in.
                       His peace adorns her.

Praise and honor and glory belong to Him.


  1. Beautiful post. Wonderful truth. Perfect KING!

  2. Shannon- I had already visited you at your other blog and something (Someone) led me back to your profile and I found this blog. I am copying this. I love the hymn and now I will love it even more. Thanks~~Susan

  3. What a lovely hymn! Shannon thanks for coming to visit me. I pray for you and your family. There is much comfort in Christ's love and His uplifting of each one who seeks Him.

    I am going to your other blogs now as well.

    BlesisngS and have a happy week Anne

  4. Wow! This came exactly when I needed it today! Thank you for a reminder.

  5. Shanon, this is so wonderful!!! I tried to comment earlier and it didn't work so forgive me if you get this twice! Anyway, I took the day off from my shop today to sort of re-group and just relax. Thought I was going to write about all of my "woes" and how they didn't even compare with what many of my friends are going through. Then I read this and it spoke to heart so much! I had tears streaming before I even knew it! Then I knew I just needed to still stay home... but just focus on Him and this wonderful hymn has been such a spirit booster today!!! Thank you for posting this!!! Even back in June!!!